The Search Process

Each search is unique. The approach, pace, and outcome of each assignment can be influenced by many factors. Most searches, however, include the following steps:

  • Kickoff Meeting With Client
    Our process begins with a meeting involving the client and our consultant, to ensure that we have a firm grasp of the position and the likely profile of the successful candidate.
  • Position Specification
    We always prepare a written specification outlining the search parameters in detail. The client agrees to and signs off on this specification before any research or sourcing begins.
  • Research
    We may employ library research, searches of resume files and contact data bases, Internet searches, or telephone surveys. The objective is to generate a target list of individuals who will be contacted to present and source the opportunity.
  • Contact and Sourcing
    Here we make direct contact with sources and prospective candidates identified in the earlier steps. It should be noted that many candidates are not necessarily attentive to the possibility of a change when first contacted. Therefore, it is essential that this contact be made by an experienced, effective recruiter.
  • Progress Meeting
    Another meeting with the client, to go over a "long list" of possible candidates identified during the research and contact phases. We will also report any issues or concerns that have arisen as a result of sourcing conversations. At the conclusion of this meeting, we and our client will agree on a group of candidates to be met and interviewed.
  • Interviews and Presentation of Short List
    We will conduct personal interviews of selected candidates and narrow the field to the three or four most attractive prospects. For each of these "short list" prospects, we will provide a detailed written presentation - not merely a resume, but also a narrative discussion of the candidate's overall suitability, personal "fit", level of interest, and any issues that would affect the client's ability to attract the candidate.
  • Client Interviews
    Key members of the client organization will meet each of the "short list" candidates. These meetings are as important for the information and impressions that are imparted as they are for what is gathered. Our consultant will prepare the client for each interview. Following these interviews, the client will enter into negotiation with one or more of the short list candidates.
  • Reference Checking
    Once a serious mutual interest had been established, we will conduct checks of the candidate's references and verify resume particulars such as work history, degrees, professional certifications, etc.
  • Negotiation & Offer
    This is the point at which we "close the deal" with the successful candidate. We may play a background role, advising the client on negotiation strategy, or we may represent the client directly in negotiations and actually make the offer on behalf of the client.
  • Follow-Up
    We will remain in contact with both the client and the successful candidate, not only up to the actual starting date but for several months thereafter, in order to provide whatever assistance may be needed to ensure a smooth transition.