How We Do Business

  • We would rather have an intimate business partnership with a small number of clients than do occasional work for many.
  • We are committed to learning as much as possible about your business, so that we can represent you effectively to sources and candidates.
  • We will keep you, the client, fully informed as to the status and progress of the search assignment. You should never have to call us to find out what's going on.
  • You will receive a detailed accounting of our time and efforts on each engagement.
  • We charge a fee for professional services based upon either a flat rate for the project, or an agreed hourly rate for the type of service provided. Our fees are not based upon an arbitrary percentage of the anticipated compensation of the successful candidate.
  • No principal of our firm will ever outsource or delegate any part of an assignment without the express concurrence of the client.
  • We enthusiastically embrace the highest ethical standards of the recruiting profession, and will treat everyone involved in the process - clients, sources, candidates, and references - with dignity and respect.